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Agency Update:

We are currently seeking Talent in the following geographical areas:

Texas, Chicago, New York, Boston, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

We Accept New Talent Via Industry Referral Only


located in the heart of beautiful Austin,

is a Non Union/Print Talent Agency committed to:

  •   Promoting,
  •  Booking our Talent, 
  •  Implementing Advertising,
  •  Numerous other forms of Promoting our Clients


We are solely a booking office and work on commission only.

We make money when YOU make money.

We DO NOT promote photography, classes nor workshops.


As a firm independent from our clients,

we are able to provide an objective standpoint for the client to sell their products or services.

In addition, we have the capability to handle our clients' overall marketing and branding strategies,

as well as booking talent as requested.


We specialize in Child and Senior Talent...

However; we do have a Select Division of other categories.


This includes:

Promotional Models

Fashion Models 

Voice-Over Talent.


We also have a Select Division of:


Musical Artists 

Key-Note Speakers.


Our dedicated team is highly skilled and always ready to meet our clients' demands.

If you would like to get more information or set up a meeting,

please email us at LiveToHollywood@aol.com.


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